February 2011

Christogenea Euro Forum Call 02-17-11

193:43 minutes (22.17 MB)

What Christian Identity Is Not

Claims that there is no devil, when indeed they are all around us. 

Zechariah Sitchin, who was a jewish fraud and a huckster.

Nibiru - a Zechariah Sitchin Invention. 

The devil-loving New-Age freak, Jordan Maxwell 

Any other abuses or lies concerning ancient Mesopotamian [hence Indo-Aryan] records, or Biblical or Classical records.

Ron Wyatt, who was an adventist fraud and an adventurist huckster.

2012 - which is for false prophets.

Noon-to-noon Sabbaths.

We must NOT embrace the ungodly - or the enemies of our God.

Christogenea Euro Forum Call 02-03-11

170:41 minutes (19.53 MB)

The Great Commission and Scriptural Unity.

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