August 2010

Christogenea Forum Call 08-30-10

19:35 minutes (2.24 MB)

The shortest Christogenea Open Forum Call since we started doing them last year, over two dozen people in the channel and not one had anything to say!

1 Peter Chapter 2 - Yahweh's Covenant People

104:27 minutes (11.95 MB)

Part Two of our series on the Epistles of Peter.

Ezekiel Chapters 25 through 27 - Christogenos 08-28-2010

11.48 MB

Christogenea Forum Call 08-23-10

17.33 MB

Ezekiel Chapters 22 through 24 - Christogenos 08-20-2010

90:28 minutes (10.35 MB)

Christogenea Euro Forum Call 08-19-10

157:26 minutes (18.02 MB)

In this European Fellowship Forum I went a little hard on a character named Colin Farquhar, and especially in my puns on the pronunciation of his name. While I admit being somewhat tawdry, I will say (before having received any criticism) that I do not regret any of my comments. The text below is that of Farker's (misspelling intentional) letter to our good friend, which I read and addressed during the program. Some of the names, along with the addresses, I have intentionally obscured.

Christogenea Forum Call 08-16-10

170:51 minutes (19.55 MB)

Here is the Stormfront post by some "cheimon" character which I addressed at the beginning of the Open Forum program. Click the image below to get to the image page, where you can download the full-size .JPG file, which is readable.

1 Peter Chapters 1 to 2 - Yahweh's Covenant People

93:04 minutes (10.65 MB)Chapters 1 through 2:5

Ezekiel Chapters 20 to 22 - Christogenos 08-13-2010

129:51 minutes (10.28 MB)

Christogenea Forum Call 08-09-10

210:47 minutes (24.12 MB)

II Timothy Chapters 3 and 4 - Yahweh's Covenant People 08-07-10

94:53 minutes (10.86 MB)

This wraps up a year-and-a-half-long series on the epistles of Paul.

Ezekiel Chapters 16 to19 - Christogenos 08-06-2010

92:55 minutes (10.63 MB)

Christogenea Euro Forum Call 08-05-10

149:01 minutes (12.48 MB)

Christogenea Forum Call 08-02-10

220:40 minutes (25.25 MB)

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