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In this European Fellowship Forum I went a little hard on a character named Colin Farquhar, and especially in my puns on the pronunciation of his name. While I admit being somewhat tawdry, I will say (before having received any criticism) that I do not regret any of my comments. The text below is that of Farker's (misspelling intentional) letter to our good friend, which I read and addressed during the program. Some of the names, along with the addresses, I have intentionally obscured.


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31 July 2010

Jxxx Xxxxx

Dear Jxxx

Thank you for your enquiry as to my health: I am fine. As to the meeting at Orange Street being cancelled, it was because some of the regulars were not going to be there and it was thought impracticable and uneconomically viable to have me travelling all that way for only two or three.

Roger and Tony are doing an excellent and worthwhile work in maintaining the witness at Orange Street Church; and they have my full support and respect. Unfortunately, my respect for you and your excommunicated fellows has diminished. You and your party have been disfellowshipped from the church; which means you are no longer wanted within its walls or to be in anyway associated. Again, I sympathise with this judgement. It is quite appalling that you continue to be where you are not wanted; and for the obvious purpose of causing maximum disruption and annoyance to those whose sole purpose it is to worship God and bring glory to his name. What you are doing is far from glorifying to God. If you are being led of the Spirit of God, as you say, then allow the Spirit to move you out to form a new fellowship more suited to your needs.

Maybe you feel you have been unjustly done by. If so, it would be wrong for you to consider going to court, or to take action in retaliation. In going to court for instance, a judgement would be made by unbelievers. This wise advice is given by Paul in I Corinthians 6, that suggests instead, that you "suffer yourselves to be defrauded" (v7): assuming of course that you are the innocent party. Why not do just that, suffer the punishment, though you may believe the judgement unjust. Trust God if you dare, and put his word into action: "shake off the dust from your feet" and move on.

June, do the decent thing and leave Orange Street, along with your companions of similar persuasion. There can be no reconciliation while you hold to the same beliefs, or harmony whilst you are present. A complete break would help both sides to readjust and proceed unhindered.

Having known you so long, not just years, but decades; and acknowledge your past faithful defence of the AV Bible and of your dedicated attendance and support at our meetings, I am appalled that you are taken-in by "seducing spirits" and demonic deception propagated by William Finck, Eli James and others of that ilk. How could you after reading the AV for years be persuaded to ditch it for the poisonous lies of the Christogenea and "doctrines of devils" associated with these deceivers.

I am not at all disappointed that the whole sixteen of you from the conference you mentioned were not present when I was due to speak last Sunday morning. It is such a blessing that I was spared this ordeal; and not only me, but also those who may have been present that love and are faithful to God's true word.

I am sorry Jxxx for the decision I must now make regarding our own meeting in protection of our members from evil influence. With regret I must ask you to refrain from attending our meetings. I shall therefore remove you from our mailing list as I did previously with Axxx Pxxxxxxxx. May God be merciful to you; and in His time restore you to your right mind and to the June I once knew.

Yours in Christ Jesus,

Colin G Farquhar






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