Meet WHOSE Baby?

Meet WHOSE Baby?

The Jewish-Controlled Mass Media: Purveyors of All the World's Smut and Perversity.

Absolut Vodka Absolutely Hates America

Absolut Vodka Absolutely Hates America

Anyone who buys this swill really needs to rethink their choices.

PayPal - What are you trying to tell us?

So what's the message here, PayPal? Are we to believe that ads like this are chance random occurrences?

Advanced Auto: Perhaps Not So Advanced

Evidently Advantage Auto Parts is falling all over themselves to satisfy the gods of Diversity.

Hewlett-Packard - Just Who Actually Creates Technology?

No wonder they haven't really innovated in years. Hewlett-Packard was one of the first tech companies to outsource jobs to Asia.

Wisconsin U - Go Team! But don't go straight to hell!

Evidently the stands at a Wisconsin football game were a little too homogenous for the liberal fruitcakes on the school recruitment staff. Notice the original picture on the right, and the negro they squeezed into the crowd in the same picture - almost - on the left!


Macy's Has Been Doing This For Decades

For nearly a hundred years, Macy's has appeared to embrace Christendom, while all the while they have been working to destroy it. The ad above is an example of their latest endeavors.

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