1 John Chapter 4 through 3 John - Yahweh's Covenant People 12-04-2010

94:36 minutes (10.83 MB)

1 John Chapter 3 - Yahweh's Covenant People 11-27-2010

72:15 minutes (8.27 MB)

See the paper, Sin and the First Epistle of John, by William Finck

1 John Chapters 1 and 2 - Yahweh's Covenant People 11-20-2010

94:50 minutes (10.85 MB)

James Chapters 3 through 5 - Yahweh's Covenant People 11-06-2010

80:19 minutes (9.19 MB)

James Chapter 2 - Yahweh's Covenant People 10-30-2010

83:09 minutes (9.52 MB)

Answering Eli's early-program question, an interlinear James 1:23 translation:

23 ὅτι [because] εἴ [if] τις [one] ἀκροατὴς [a hearer] λόγου [of the word] ἐστὶν [is] καὶ [and] οὐ [not] ποιητής [a doer] οὖτος [he] ἔοικεν [is like] ἀνδρὶ [a man] κατανοοῦντι [observing] τὸ πρόσωπον [the appearance] τῆς γενέσεως [of the race] αὐτοῦ [of him] ἐν ἐσόπτρῳ [in a mirror]

James Chapter 1 - Yahweh's Covenant People 10-16-2010

98:28 minutes (11.27 MB)

10-10-10 Day of Prayer and Fasting Segment 5- Eli James with Sword Brethren

113:19 minutes (12.97 MB)


This was not really a Yahweh's Covenant People program, but we will stick it here for archiving purposes. I think this program sucked, it was Eli's idea, and I really wanted to do my third segment of The Christian Institution of These United States in this spot. Eli never did seem to know the difference between bullshit and meaningful content. So when I had opportunity to fill in for Eli on a Sunday two weeks later, I did it then and called it 10/10/10 Part 7. While Eli did not know it, by the time of these 10/10/10 programs our split was pretty much assured. I was surprised it lasted another three months.

After the split with Eli, I took this program offline at Christogenea. I don't remember why, as I left nearly all of our other programs online, and now they are here. This segment only had 37 downloads when I took it down. That is how many it has as I write this for the new archive site where it is now posted. The other segments I had done in relation to this program had many thousands of downloads. In fact, I posted my three segments of The Christian Institution of These United States on Eli's old website, and before the dummy lost all of his podcasts with that old site, they were the most-downloaded programs there, with well over 20,000 between them.

The Epistle of Jude - Yahweh's Covenant People

87:21 minutes (10 MB)

2 Peter Chapters 2 and 3 - Yahweh's Covenant People 09-25-2010

1:32:54 minutes (10.63 MB)

2 Peter Chapter 1 - Yahweh's Covenant People 09-18-2010

128:57 minutes (10.18 MB)

1 Peter Chapter 5 - Yahweh's Covenant People 09-11-2010

85:41 minutes (9.81 MB)

Includes an introductory discussion of 2 Peter.

1 Peter Chapters 3 to 4 - Yahweh's Covenant People 09-04-2010

89:54 minutes (10.29 MB)

1 Peter Chapter 2 - Yahweh's Covenant People

104:27 minutes (11.95 MB)

Part Two of our series on the Epistles of Peter.

1 Peter Chapters 1 to 2 - Yahweh's Covenant People

93:04 minutes (10.65 MB)Chapters 1 through 2:5

II Timothy Chapters 3 and 4 - Yahweh's Covenant People 08-07-10

94:53 minutes (10.86 MB)

This wraps up a year-and-a-half-long series on the epistles of Paul.

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