Christogenea Forum Call 12-27-10

136:28 minutes (15.62 MB)

Send in the Clowns: A short conversation with Jerry Kirk

Christogenea Forum Call 12-20-10

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Preterists & Futurists, Papists & Other Fools

Putin - Just Another Zionist Hack

Demonstration Against Putin the JewDemonstration Against Putin the Jew

Christogenea Forum Call 12-13-10

163:42 minutes (16.45 MB)

Do we need Rona Barretts or Jerry Springers in Christian Identity? My notes from this forum call follow:

Christogenea Forum Call 12-06-10

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Christogenea Forum Call 11-29-10

140:07 minutes (16.04 MB)

Daniel 12:1 and also Genesis 1:26-27 & 2:7, among other topics.

Christogenea Forum Call 11-22-10

115:45 minutes (13.25 MB)

There are no "thought crimes" in the Bible!

Christogenea Forum Call 11-15-10

95:35 minutes (10.94 MB)

Christogenea Forum Call 11-08-10

117:13 minutes (13.42 MB)

The 144,000 of Revelation Chapters 7 and 14.

Christogenea Forum Call 11-01-10

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Blondes and Brunettes, and today's word: Swebernigger

Christogenea Forum Call 10-25-10

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Christogenea Forum Call 10-18-10

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The last Joe Pennsylvania Forum Call Debate. The man is absolutely hopeless!

Christogenea Forum Call 10-11-10

161:36 minutes (18.5 MB)

On casting lots, and many other assorted topics.

Christogenea Forum Call 10-04-10

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Christogenea Forum Call 09-27-10: Why the Assyrians Believed Jonah and Other Topics

235:25 minutes (26.94 MB)

Why the Assyrians Believed Jonah

The Bible tells us that Jonah, a man, was caught in the belly of a great fish and taken off to Nineveh, where, being ejected from the fish on the banks of the Euphrates, he preached repentance to the Assyrians and they believed him, and they repented of their sin in sackcloth and ashes. This was just a short time before Nineveh was to be destroyed, according to the Book of Jonah itself. What the Bible does not tell us, however, is why the Ninevites should have believed Jonah, or even the witnesses who must have seen him ejected from the fish. Why would the sinful Assyrians believe this man? Maybe here we will see just how much the Bible can come to life once we gain an understanding of ancient history.

The following paragraph is from Diodorus Siculus' Library of History, 2.4.2-4, from the Loeb Classical Library edition, Volume 1 pages 359-361.

Christogenea Forum Call 09-20-10

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